Useful Tips for Using Your Nissan Intelligent Key

November 16th, 2020 by

Your Nissan Intelligent Key does much more than just locking and unlocking your Nissan. Rosen Nissan Madison is here to help you maximize the ability of your Nissan Intelligent Smart Key, making your Nissan experience the best it could possibly be.

Nissan Intelligent Key Tips

Roll Windows Down Remotely

If you have the automatic window icons on both front window buttons of your vehicle, hold the unlock button on your Nissan Intelligent Key to let some air in on a hot summer Fitchburg day. Rolling your windows down a few minutes before leaving will make your Nissan’s interior more comfortable before you step in.

Remote Horns & Lights

We’ve all forgotten where we parked at one point or another, and luckily, your Nissan Intelligent Key has your back. Press the lock button on your remote to have your Nissan’s horn sound and find your vehicle in no time.

If you wish to disable the horn and switch to silent mode when locking up, press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously. This will cause your lights to flash without the horn sounding when locking your Nissan. To bring your horn back, press the lock and unlock buttons simultaneously.

Hidden Key & Emergency Start

If your Nissan Intelligent Key runs out of battery while you’re out, don’t worry! Slide the tab on the back of the remote to access your hidden key. You can still turn your engine on by pressing your Intelligent Key against the push-button start.

Additionally, if you’re in need of a key fob replacement, Rosen Nissan Madison has you covered. Key fob replacements cost approximately $299 and take about 30-40 minutes depending on how busy our Rosen Nissan Madison Service and Auto Parts Department is during your visit.

You’ll need to bring in any of your vehicle’s previous keys in order to get a new one, and none of the other keys will work following the reprogramming.

Driver’s Memory System

Activate one of two driver profiles for your Nissan, automatically adjusting the seat, mirrors and steering wheel. Press the unlock button on your Nissan Intelligent Key when the light next to your driver profile number (1 or 2) is on.

If you have any questions about your Nissan Intelligent Key or its features, feel free to contact us at Rosen Nissan Madison.


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